AsiaIDA provides the following services either direct or in conjunction with its Business Cooperation Partners as listed below:-

Coaching & Mentoring – essentially in support of all of our services where individual coaching & mentoring can help develop strengths, reduce or eliminate weaknesses and significantly assist in maximizing productivity, performance and overall potential.

Consulting - based on extensive business & management experience in Asia, and supported by our business cooperation partners, as applicable.

Human Resources Management – provided with the specific support of BDA our Vietnam representative which in turn now represents Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) the leading international HR management assessment provider.

Insurance Industry Services – this service has been expanded by our business cooperation with IIAP and TATC as listed below for coverage of both the life and non-life sectors.  We also provide a special and proven program to predict the sales performance of new insurance agents and salespersons. 

Training – this service has likewise been expanded for the same reason as outlined above.  The “Sales Made Easy – Double Your Sales” online course is now established, as is ROAM with its mobil app support, and the launch of YES! that’s easy – mobile phone app the best, quickest and most economical way to learn or improve spoken English is in full swing. In addition we have on offer a number of specials to help make 2017 a success for our customers.

Our services have been strengthened by alignments with the following new business associates:-

ANDREW CHEAH, from Malaysia with over 20 years of experience Andrew has designed and delivered an extensive range of training courses and made deliveries with outstanding results to an incredibly large number of companies, organizations and industries across Asia.

INSURANCE INSTITUTE FOR ASIA AND THE PACIFIC (IIAP)an international insurance educational, examination and testing center which as a result of its outstanding training and education structure also represents and is the examination center for a number of international programs – refer the Insurance Industry Specialization section for more details.

v  TALENT ASIA TRAINING & CONSULTING (TATC), a company which to-date has been successfully providing training and consulting services mainly to the Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta markets.


We provide services and solutions based on the needs and requirements of our clients, to achieve clearly identified objectives. If you want to maximize performance, productivity and professionalism, and inspire excellence throughout your company or organization in order to achieve success and improved results, then we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to achieve all or any of these.  We focus on the following to do this:

Customer Centric Service – establishing a corporate differentiator; Employee Development – Maximizing the potential of your People (Your Major Asset & Resource) to improve productivity, professionalism, performance, and thus results. Leadership Performance & Skills – Transforming your organization through inspiring and motivational professional leadership. Recruitment & Selection – Improving performance by getting the right people in the right jobs, then developing them to maximize their potential. Sales Force Activities – Increasing sales through increased or improved customer centric professional sales and service. Leadership & Management – Fast tracking growth and development through high performance leadership and professionalism, based on outstanding activity and performance management. Strategic Business Planning – Working with you at all levels to ensure plans are effectively implemented, evaluated, reviewed and achieved.

We also consider the following fundamental to our business success:-


Ensures that our services and related recommendations are deeply rooted in, and match the business needs and requirements of our customers.  Furthermore, our implementation and execution of these are developed, customized and tailored to the objectives agreed with our customers.


To carry out the delivery of our services, and conduct our duties and responsibilities in the best interest of our customers. This is achieved by adopting the highest business principles and best practices, together with recognition of the importance of confidentiality, fairness and regulatory compliance.  This is carried out in line with our status as a non-political, non-sectarian, unbiased and equal rights organization..

Maximize Performance & Professionalism – Inspire Excellence & Achieve Success


Coaching & Mentoring – Many of the world’s best business leaders and all top sports performers typically get coaching and mentoring.  We provide this service to assist people at all levels to maximize their potential, develop their strengths, overcome weaknesses and likewise become leaders in their chosen field of activity. Readmore...

Consulting – like all of our services our wide range of consulting is carried out by competent and experienced personnel with extensive Asian and international experience, and strongly supported in the strategic planning area by the Palladium Group, exclusively represented in Vietnam by BDA our Vietnam representative. Readmore...

HR Management – With its approval we transferred the Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions (HATS) Vietnam representation to our Vietnam representative and sister company Business Development Asia Co Ltd (BDA) effective 1 January 20.  However, we will continue to work with BDA to provide our range of services, and also with HATS as outlined under the Insurance Industry Services section, as below. Readmore...

Insurance Industry Services – (Life & Non-Life Sectors) – We have now entered into business cooperation arrangements to extend this training with the Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific Inc. (IIAP), Philippines and Talent Asia Training and Consulting (TATC), Singapore.  Accordingly, our range of courses has been extended, and we continue to provide the HATS proven assessment tool to predict the sales performance of new sales recruits whether in the agency or bancassurance channels.   Our Coaching & Mentoring and Consulting services are also very applicable to the insurance industry.  New initiatives launched in 2016 including  the internationally proven online “Selling Made Easy – Double Your Sales”, the ROAM (Results – Opportunities – Action – Motivation) with a mobile phone application, and now YES! that’s easy – another mobile phone app for learning or improving spoken English, are all very appropriate and beneficial for the insurance industry. Readmore...

Training – as for all of our services, we adopt a very customer centric approach to the provision of training to ensure this is designed, developed and delivered to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and participants.  With this approach and in recognition of persons wanting to study at times best suited to their situations we have launched Blended and Online training, and these will be progressively extended. Readmore...

All of our services are designed, developed and delivered with the objective of improving  and maximizing PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTIVITY AND PROFESSIONALISM and thus RESULTS.